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jQuery Comment Preview

I released a MooTools comment preview script yesterday and got numerous requests for a jQuery version. Ask and you shall receive! I’ll use the exact same CSS and HTML as yesterday. The XHTML <div id=”live-preview-form” class=”lp-block”> <p> <strong>Your Name:</strong><br /> […]

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Sexy Album Art with MooTools or jQuery

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The way that album information displays is usually insanely boring. Music is supposed to be fun and moving, right? Luckily MooTools and jQuery allow us to communicate that creativity on the web. The XHTML <div id=”album”> <div id=”album-front”></div> <div id=”album-back”></div> […]

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WordPress-Style Comment Controls Using MooTools

WordPress has a nice little effect on the Admin Dashboard where it shows and hides the comment control links when you mouseover and mouseout of the record’s container. Here’s how to achieve that effect using MooTools or jQuery. The XHTML […]

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Shake Things Up Using jQuery UI’s Shake Effect

Yesterday I created a tutorial showing you how you can shake an element using Fx.Shake, a MooTools component written by Aaron Newton. It turns out that jQuery UI also has a shake effect which can draw attention to an element. […]

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David Walsh on NetTuts: Create a Twitter-Like “Load More” Widget

Both Twitter and the Apple App Store use a brilliant technique for loading more information; you click the link and fresh items magically appear on the screen. This tutorial teaches you to use AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, and HTML […]

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