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jQuery Comment Preview

I released a MooTools comment preview script yesterday and got numerous requests for a jQuery version. Ask and you shall receive! I’ll use the exact same CSS and HTML as yesterday. The XHTML <div id=”live-preview-form” class=”lp-block”> <p> <strong>Your Name:</strong><br /> […]

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Using Opacity to Show Focus with jQuery

A few days back I debuted a sweet article that made use of MooTools JavaScript and opacity to show focus on a specified element. Here’s how to accomplish that feat using jQuery. The jQuery JavaScript $(document).ready(function() { $(‘.fade-area-1’).children().hover(function() { $(this).siblings().stop().fadeTo(500,0.5); […]

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iPhone Click Effect Using MooTools or jQuery

One thing I love about love about Safari on the iPhone is that Safari provides a darkened background effect when you click a link. It’s the most subtle of details but just enforces than an action is taking place. So […]

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Shake Things Up Using jQuery UI’s Shake Effect

Yesterday I created a tutorial showing you how you can shake an element using Fx.Shake, a MooTools component written by Aaron Newton. It turns out that jQuery UI also has a shake effect which can draw attention to an element. […]

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Implement MooTools’ Elements.addEvent in jQuery

One thing that I’ve always disliked about the jQuery JavaScript framework is its syntax for adding event listeners to elements. The way to add a click event to an element using jQuery is: $(‘#myElement’).click(function() { }); I love OOP so […]

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jQuery Link Nudge Plugin

A while back I debuted a tasteful mouseover/mouseout technique called link nudging. It started with a MooTools version and shortly thereafter a jQuery version. Just recently Drew Douglass premiered a jQuery plugin that aimed at producing the same type of […]

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