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Desktop Continues to Be Relevant, Here’s Why

Companies looking into increasing their online customers focus on strategies targeting mobile users. However, this doesn’t mean brands can ignore desktop users. In fact, targeting customers who are using different devices to access the web remains to be a necessity […]

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Why Digital Marketers Need Software Developers

These days, software developers work closely with digital marketers. A lot of companies see the merit in hiring a software developer to improve engagement with the products and services they offer. The year 2017 has been good for software designers […]

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Sexy Opacity Animation with MooTools or jQuery

A big part of the sexiness that is Apple software is Apple’s use of opacity. Like seemingly every other Apple user interface technique, it needs to be ported to the web (</fanboy>). I’ve put together an example of a sexy […]

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Dynamically Create Charts Using jQuery Flot and Google Analytics

Earlier in the week I published a popular article titled Dynamically Create Charts Using MooTools MilkChart and Google Analytics. My post showed you how to use MooTools MilkChart and a splash of PHP to create beautiful charts of Google Analytics […]

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WordPress-Style Comment Controls Using MooTools

WordPress has a nice little effect on the Admin Dashboard where it shows and hides the comment control links when you mouseover and mouseout of the record’s container. Here’s how to achieve that effect using MooTools or jQuery. The XHTML […]

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Adding Events to Adding Events in jQuery

Earlier this week I posted a usability tip about using CSS and MooTools’ custom event functionality to automatically add the “pointer” cursor when an element gets a “click” event attached to it. I received numerous requests for a jQuery version […]

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David Walsh on NetTuts: Create a Twitter-Like “Load More” Widget

Both Twitter and the Apple App Store use a brilliant technique for loading more information; you click the link and fresh items magically appear on the screen. This tutorial teaches you to use AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, and HTML […]

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